Industrial companies use the web to attract and serve customers like any other type of business, but the way in which that’s accomplished takes some unique website features.

Website development should account for the specific requirements and behaviors of customers in your targeted markets, as well as the qualities of your industrial products or services. If the following features sound like they could benefit your practices, you want to be sure to incorporate them into your website as soon as possible.


An Industrial Catalog

An industrial catalog needs to go beyond the standards for an ecommerce catalog. It should be easily searchable while accommodating thousands of line items and part numbers.

This is especially important for companies that sell commodities or an extensive range of products with many variations. Customers should be able to easily browse, sort and search by many different parameters and then quickly select the items they would like to include in their RFQ.

You may also want to incorporate a customer account section to make repeat purchases easy, and to give your regular customers access to their order history, custom or exclusive pricing, and special offers.

Contact Forms For Every Kind Of Request
Most websites feature a contact form and RFQ forms are also fairly ubiquitous on industrial websites, but forms and their individual fields should take into account every kind of request and requirement you may encounter. Customers don’t want to spend time on the phone talking about their needs when they have the option of quickly submitting them in a straightforward manner.

Think about the details customers specify and the type of documents, drawings, and extras they submit to place an order or get a quote. Make sure your website gives them the ability to upload these materials.

Also consider incorporating an easy means to schedule an appointment for a consultation. You’ll save you and your site visitors time when you account for information that’s prudent to the specifics of a product or job rather than just general contact details and a place to leave comments.

Landing Pages That Help Your Visitor
Any good marketing website includes landing pages that are fully optimized for specific keywords. The content included on them, however, should be focused on helping your prospect, not just your SEO rankings.

While many industrial customers already know what they’re buying and therefore do not always need an in-depth explanation of a product or service, you’ll still need to explain why you’re the best source for whatever it is they seek.

If you’re a manufacturer, your landing pages should discuss the specific capabilities that enable you to create the products you do and discuss what sets you apart from your competitors. Even suppliers and distributors should discuss their experience and capabilities and stress how a customer will benefit from working with you as a result.

These pages should also cover frequently asked questions as well as questions that a customer should ask to ensure they’ll be satisfied with their purchase. Take the time to provide valuable and unique information, as this is essential for driving conversion and improving rankings.

If you’re an OEM or provider of a more complex solution, then your landing pages should provide thorough information to make your prospect’s research process shorter and easier. Video is a powerful asset for accomplishing this and should be included on your landing pages.

When adding these and other features on your website, make sure you work with a website development provider that is familiar with the specific needs of industrial and B2B sellers. ROIGROUP can help you get started. For more information on industrial website development go here: