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B2B Search Engine Optimization Services

While our marketing & SEO strategy and approach is multifaceted, we categorize our services into four groups.

  • Onsite SEO Services – This includes content and media featured on your website, as well as your website’s structure and other onsite factors.
  • Offsite SEO Services – This includes content featured elsewhere on the web that links back to your website or refers directly to your company.
  • Social Media Services – This includes content and engagements on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
  • Reputation Marketing – This includes reviews and ratings that define your company’s online reputation, as well as it’s presence on review sites like Google Maps and Google Business, Yelp, YellowBook, and review directories that are relevant to your market.

Here Are The SEO Results We’ve Achieved For One Of Our Clients

This client’s website has 100,000 line-items, is B2B ecommerce, and is outranking competitors like Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, and other sellers with very competitive keyphrases.

What Does It Take To Be Ranked?

To be ranked in the search engines, your company must establish an online presence with three important qualities:

To achieve relevancy, your overall website and its individual pages much be structured properly. They should include high quality, well-written content that’s useful to your website visitors. Rich media, like images and video should accompany your content.

You website must have a low bounce rate—ideally below 50 percent. This means that 50 percent of your website visitors stay on your website’s pages for more than thirty seconds each. As visitors spend more time on your page, that indicates to the search engines that you have high quality, relevant, and useful content. Search engine’s will then direct qualified prospects to your website when they perform a search for your keywords.

Social Influence
Social influence is determined by how your company in recognized on social media and how your audience engages with your content in the form of likes, shares, comments, and other engagements.

Your company’s brand is established when you inform and assure search engines that you are a real business. As search engines look for authority in a specific niche, publishing content on a consistent basis, and generating social buzz through users talking about your website and company on social properties, helps you gain recognition and branding as a result.

What Will Be Your Approach?

What Does It Take To Be Ranked?
What’s the right approach to gain internet marketing success?
You must:

  • Meet the standards of Google, Bing, and other search engines
  • Develop and distribute high quality content that, in addition to promoting your company, is relevant and useful your prospects’ search process
  • Aquire incoming links from high authority websites in order to build your own domain authority
  • Build niche authority
  • Retarget visitors so they return to your website

Our services and programs are specifically tailored to meet these requirements.

Onsite SEO Services Overview

Site Health Services
These services are devoted to your website architecture and its content. We help you create a website that includes valuable information and engaging content for your prospects and visitors, with a seamless and natural incorporation of key phrases that are relevant to your target audience. We combine this with monthly site evaluations, performance indicators, and a series of tests that ensure the health of your website is maintained. These efforts also help you avoid being penalized by search engines due to website errors.

Building Conversion Pages
These pages are focused on specific groups of closely related keyphrases. All of these pages are organized in a featured category section of your website or on an upper level category page. The primary purpose of this content is to rank your website for a group of related keyphrases within the search engines. We also use pages as part of your overall video marketing strategy.

Offsite SEO Services Overview

We work with independent bloggers to create offsite blog posts that link to your company’s website or blog. This increases the amount of high quality links that lead to your website and blog. This service also drives traffic to your website and increases its domain authority.

Offsite SEO is implemented through offsite blog posts that are then promoted. This action serves to provide inbound links that will direct potential customers to your website from other sites online. This process also signals strong authority indicators to search engines.

When you want to be ranked for competitive keyphrases, you must have a wide diversity of inbound links to gain top rankings. Search engine algorithms use these links to determine that your site should be ranked. That’s part of the reason why the greater number of high quality links you can get leading back to your website amounts to better ability to stay competitive in your search engine rankings, especially for popular keyphrases.

ROIGROUP Marketing Certifications

Advanced SEO

Completed training sessions. Passed a written exam demonstrating critical understanding of topics relating to Advanced SEO.

Social Media & Reputation Management

Completed training sessions. Passed a written exam demonstrating critical understanding of Social Media and Reputation Management.

Before you proceed, it’s important that you understand our disclaimer:

ROIGROUP is a marketing boutique that serves clients in competitive markets. A significant amount of work is required to gain and maintain dominance in these markets.

This work must be done on a consistent basis for a long period of time. We have been doing SEO for companies since 1999, and it’s a simple, hard fact of successful internet marketing. Rankings cannot be forced and search engines will not tolerate shenanigans. Long term success cannot be achieved with anything other than white hat SEO techniques.

This means that you must build a large variety of content on and off your network websites in order to drive traffic. Once that content is built, it must be promoted using many different procedures, campaigns, and types of media.

This is part of the reason why we are very selective in the clients we choose to work with. We use an interview process to ensure that expectations are managed on both sides.

We work exclusively with clients who have a minimum monthly marketing budget of $2500.00 and a yearly commitment. The larger the monthly marketing budget a client can provide, the more work we dedicate to that company’s online market dominance.

In competitive markets, your company is competing for the same space with industry giants that have massive budgets and extensive resources to devote to their internet marketing strategy. This is why it takes constant building and promotion to compete.

Search engines want to see a website grow over time, with consistency, and you must cater your marketing approach to that factor. Additionally, the more you promote your company, and the more traffic you drive to your website, the stronger and higher your rankings.

If you would like to see if this is possible for your company, then contact us using the form below.

There is a lot more to internet marketing than search engine optimization (SEO).  We, as an SEO agency believe internet marketing should be focused on creating content that’s provides value.

We help our clients show their prospects and customers that they provide answers, expertise, and information.

When prospects see your company as a source for valuable insight on the products and services they need, you’ll inspire trust, drive conversion, and lead them down and organic path to purchase from your company.

We help make this happen using search services, paid promotion, and social signals as just a few of our marketing techniques. We promote companies and help them capture the attention of prospects using content marketing, video, SEO, reputation marketing, retargeting, and more.

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