ROIGROUP has been in the business of helping companies market online going on twenty years. Our approach has always been to develop smarter, more efficient, and more effective marketing services and tools that deliver real ROI. Our history of offerings has been as diverse and dynamic as our capabilities. When we see a specific online marketing need for small, medium, and large companies, we create systems and services to fill that need.

Our Management Team

Mark B. York: Founder and CEO

Mark York has built ROIGROUP's truly unique offerings, and the company that delivers them, from the ground up. Through a career spanning decades, Mark has learned the intricacies of the industrial and business-to-business arena and forged his own calling on the possibilities and successes that can happen when a marketplace expands on the Internet.

Mary Lou Caratozzolo: General Manager

Mary Lou "ML" Caratozzolo has acted as ROIGROUP's go-to professional for all day-to-day operations and procedures since early 2004. Her caring nature and dedication has made her the touchstone for the whole team. She continues to manage all HR, AP, AR operations, as well as customer service, troubleshooting and project management.

Noel Maher: Marketing Consultant

Noel Maher has played an essential role in building client trust since he joined the ROIGROUP team in 2007. His sales and service expertise have enabled him to connect clients with practical solutions that best suit their unique business. Noel is committed to building and maintaining productive client relationships from the initial meeting through their entire ROIGROUP service experience.

Rosemarie Montefusco: Content Manager

Rosemarie "Rosa" Montefusco is a creative, marketing and technical writer who has written and created all kinds of content since joining the ROIGROUP team in 2005. She is committed to maintaining a standard of high-quality, effective communication in all the content and media she produces.