There are many different resources well within the reach of your average business owner that makes it possible to create an explainer video. If you chose to go this route with your video marketing plan, there are a number of things you will need first.

Virtually all video production starts with a script. Even if your explainer video will only feature text and a soundtrack, you’ll still want to create an outline that fully explains your solution.

Explainer videos are centered around an elevator pitch for your product or service, which is put in the context of a problem it will solve for the buyer. You’ll need to compose a script or outline that clearly and concisely explains this, as most explainer videos do not exceed 90 seconds—amounting to roughly 100 words.

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If your video will rely on a voiceover, which is the norm when you create explainer videos, you’ll need to contract this service from a talent-for-hire or do a recording yourself. If you go with the latter option, you’ll need a good quality microphone and basic software to record and edit the audio you produce.

The other option for your explainer would be to use a live on-screen talent that, like a professional voice actor, would typically be paid based on the length of your script. You could also create your own camera setup with a green screen or basic background, and then film and edit footage yourself.

Explainer video

You’ll then need to build and edit your video using animation, a series of images and text, or whatever footage you’ve acquired. Software that will enable you to create and modify these elements is now very user-friendly, however the less money you spend on your video assets, the less quality and control you may have, and that’s not always advantageous if you’re trying to create a professional, reputable impression.

Once your explainer video is complete and you’ve uploaded it to the media sites of your choice, and even included it on your website, you’ll want to promote it to maximize its viewership and impact.

Explainer videos, and really any marketing videos, require some time, money, and patience, if you wish to go with the DIY approach, you’re going to need to leave some room for the natural trial and error it takes to get things right.

For this reason, many companies find it more effective to rely on video production services from a dedicated agency. This option can also help you avoid many of the common pitfalls that cause a video to look unprofessional or uncompetitively cookie-cutter instead of a portrayal of a unique message that will make your company relevant to your prospects.