Do you have a website wish list? Are there features and capabilities you’ve been waiting to add but you’re not sure how to get started? Maybe you just want your website to start doing more to generate leads and sales.

If you don’t have a specific website wish list it’s time to make one and turn it into a to-do list. It’s now easier than ever to add features and enhancements to your website.

It’s also important that you take the steps needed to turn traffic into sales and convert prospects into leads and customers.

If they’re not on there already, add these items to your advanced website development wish list or to-do list.

Improved Page Speed

You may have exceptionally crafted, persuasive, and powerful content on your website but it won’t serve anyone if your visitor loses interest before the page finishes loading. A delay as little as two seconds can send the vast majority of your prospects hitting the back button and continuing their search elsewhere.

You want to make sure your website is set up so that the most important elements load first. You also want to ensure that your website is fully responsive, which means that it will display quickly and properly on various mobile devices and browsers.



Video In More Places

If you have a video on your homepage, as an increasing number of companies do, you’ve got a good way to encourage visitors to stay longer. You’re also instilling a favorable impression.

If you want to do more than just create an impression and drive conversion, it’s time to modify your website so it can accommodate more video.

Your website should feature multiple landing pages with video that speaks to specific customer needs. Start incorporating videos that relate to your keywords and help prospects make a purchasing decision.

Valuable Incentives For Visitors

Web users like to be informed on what they’re buying. And in the case of B2B consumers, they have to feel educated about a purchase and able to justify what they’re spending, less they face serious professional consequences.

Informational guides, reports, case studies, and other downloadable content are valuable to their purchasing process and can therefore be used as incentives to engage with your company. They’re also useful when you want to provide a more specific call-to-action than “call us.”

Site visitors who choose to download your PDF guide or sales brochure will then become more qualified leads with whom your sales reps can follow up. Adding these incentives to your website takes it from being just a virtual business card to a resource center that’s providing value to targeted markets.

Informative And Digestable Content

When was the last time you refreshed your content? Are you pleased with all of your SEO pages in addition to your About Us and Services pages?

Today’s web users want to see clear, easy-to-digest text that’s informative but not overwhelming. Your website’s content should also include high quality, eye-catching images that contribute to your overall design and the impression you wish to create.

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned up and refreshed the majority of your website pages, it’s time to take a second or third look at what your potential customers see.

Changes like these are a lot easier to make than in the past and can mean all the difference when you want to drive more conversion and more sales. If you need help fulfilling your website development wish list or to-do list, contact us.