There are a lot of DIY options that enable you to create your own explainer video. With a simple software download or sign up with a video asset provider, you could start building a video that explains a product, service, or concept—but is that really all you need to compete?

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Before you do anything to download or sign up for an explainer video maker, you want to make sure you know what you’re getting and what you aren’t. Even if it’s offered for no cost, consider the time and energy you’ll need to spend to get the results you require—and whether or not the resource you’re considering can actually deliver them.

Typically, explainer video software will give you access to a selection of pre-made video assets that often include animation or live-action clips. The breadth of the selection may depend on what type of membership your have or fee you’ve paid to use these assets. If you’re using a free service, it’s likely that a watermark will appear in the final version of your video, and that may not be conducive to the branding you want for your company alone.

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While many explainer video makers will provide you with backing tracks and other audio options, you want to make sure they also provide a voiceover for your script. There are text-to-speech options that have gotten more advanced in recent years, but they are still not comparable to having a real person read your script.

If the explainer video maker you choose gives you the option to use your own images, voiceover track, and other assets, then make sure you take advantage of these customizations. An explainer video created from an inventory of standard graphics, audio, and other features isn’t going to help you stand out and their culmination won’t do much for creating a memorable impression.

And while many video makers promote the end result as an explainer video, what you’re really getting is a corporate slideshow with music and video. Explainer videos do require a specific approach to script writing and presentation, and that’s not something you can create by simply filling in the blanks.

If you decide that you’d like to get more for the time an energy you’ll put in anyway, then we can help you create a product or service video that is truly unique and is designed to deliver real marketing results. You can contact us directly to tell us what you hope to achieve with your own company video and we can show you what’s possible.