It’s not hard to find companies offering manufacturing website design services, but for the most part these services do not vary greatly from web design and development for any other type of B2B company. Manufacturers face tough competition online and standing out is no small undertaking.

Based on whatever it is you manufacture, you may be competing with big box industrial stores, massive international sellers, and other big names with unbeatable recognition and resources. Even if you’re a smaller company by comparison, you can still go up against them in the search engines and in capturing the attention of the same prospects, but it will take some effort and know-how.

website design for manufacturers

Though many companies choose to focus on branding in an effort to stand out and create a distinct impression, website design for manufacturers should accommodate the products, services, and capabilities you offer. This means that your catalog, product data sheets, certifications, and promises to fulfill a job need to be presented in a way that will draw and maintain visitors.

Your website should be built on how you serve the customer and what you’ll do for them once they choose to engage. A professional looking logo, high-quality images, and branded content are important for creating a great and memorable impression, but your prospects are mostly interested in one thing: How will you make their life and their job easier?

website design

That’s why it’s important to ask yourself what they’ll find useful over the course of their buyer’s journey. Once you get an idea of what they look for in their research process, you can directly contribute to that process with your website structure and content.

Here are a few questions as an example:

  • Are your prospects already familiar with the products you manufacture and are simply looking for a fast and easy way to submit tech drawings and get a quote?
  • Are you an OEM that provides unique products and your prospects therefore need a thorough and understandable breakdown of your product or service features?
  • Do your prospects need to complete a lot of research before buying and are looking for FAQs and helpful tips to save time and energy before they purchase?
  • Will your prospects be looking for features and services that your company offers apart from your products, such as expedited shipping, price-matching, etc.?

As you take the time to consider what your prospect is looking for and build website content to satisfy that, you’ll organically gain recognition in the search engines. Doing that—and implementing other website features and SEO techniques that we use at ROIGROUP—enables smaller manufacturers to compete with some of the biggest industrial names. You can contact us directly to learn what’s possible for your company.