If there is one marketing notion you’ll see mentioned again and again, it’s that shorter videos are better. But if you’re in B2B and you’re catering to prospects that travel a much longer purchasing journey than those in B2C markets, you may not want to take this widely-shared video marketing guideline as a hard truth.

Marketing research guides and stat breakdowns continuously stress that internet user attention spans are decreasing. They also specify sixty to ninety seconds as the ideal runtime; go longer and viewership starts to sharply drop off.

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While you obviously want your videos to gain the maximum amount of viewership, you also want your marketing videos to function as a filter for qualified leads rather than just promotional assets.

It’s true that the casual internet user isn’t as likely to watch the majority of a twenty minute video on a specific product or service. A qualified prospect, who is trying to find a reputable source for a solution on the other hand is likely to watch a comprehensive video in lieu of reading multiple whitepapers, sales brochures, case studies and other types of traditional marketing and sales media.

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This is why more and more B2B companies are using longer and more in depth video presentations to draw in qualified leads who are likely to engage. These are not the type of videos that go viral or draw in massive numbers of viewers, but they can be a valued and essential resource for the web users who are searching for information among companies that are competing for the same markets.

You don’t have to choose between short promotional videos and longer, more comprehensive presentations; they can be used as part of an overall marketing strategy. You can even use shorter videos to attract more viewers to your longer presentation, filtering out leads along the way and saving yourself time in the long run.

So before you worry about releasing an online marketing video that exceeds the sixty to ninety second rule of thumb, consider those potential buyers who are looking for as much information as they can find, and in a format that will be easy to share with their coworkers, boss, and other stakeholders involved in their purchase process.

A video that thoroughly addresses many of their concerns, and explains your product or service will benefit them, will have much stronger converting power than your average, two-minute product demo or explainer video.

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