There are many different videos online that all have the same intent: to sell something. For as varied as they are, they can be described as either successful or unsuccessful in making the viewer see the merits and value of a product or service, specifically to a point that drives them to take action.

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The success of a sales video production is not defined by how much it costs, how flashy it looks, or even how widely it’s shared. After all, even if a marketing campaign goes viral with a novel or amusing concept, that level of popularity does not guarantee record sales.

If you want to maximize your selling power with online video, there are a few things you can do to appeal to viewers who are most likely to buy what you’re offering.

First, make sure your video is focused on the solution your provide. Yes, that’s your product or service, but make sure you put that offering in a context that shows how it will solve specific problems for the buyer or end user.

You can do this very effectively and efficiently when you think about the type of person who will be most interested in your offering and the specific features they’ll care about most. Then make sure your script focuses on the advantages and benefits that come with those features.

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When you’ve identified the solution you’re offering and what problems or risks it will help the buyer avoid, make sure your video title, description, and marketing content you’ll use to drive viewers, are focused on that. If you just refer to your product or service by name, you’re not putting it in a context that shows how your offering is relevant to someone searching for a solution.

This approach will help your viewer make the connection of how your product or service can play a practical and beneficial role in their lives, which will make them want to take action to make that their reality. Since the decision to buy occurs as the prospect has an emotional response to what they see—and then uses logic to justify their decision—you want to help them create the connection that shows how your offering is relevant to their needs and wants.

Featuring customer reviews and testimonials for your product or service are a great way to emphasize the positive things that happen once someone decides to give you their business. This will also help you create a relatable context for your viewer and shows them what good things are possible starting from the time they follow your call to action at the end of your video.

If you need help creating a sales video that drives a response and serves as a persuasive marketing asset, contact us and we can help you create it.