B2B companies and the marketers they hire vastly enjoy using explainer videos to promote a product or service. There are a lot of different factors that distinguish an explainer video from other types, but there is one that is especially important in any explainer video production: the script.

Explainer scripts usually follow a very specific format. They typically start with a question or problem to which the viewer is likely to relate. This is essential for letting your audience know they’re in the right place and this video will be relevant to their needs, which captures their attention.

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Good explainer scripts will use their 60 to 90 second runtime to quickly mention what are known as “pain points”. These are additional frustrations and fears that stem from the initial problem. Elaborating on pain points can help to stir the emotion of your viewer. Even in business purchases, emotion plays a key role in the decision to buy.

Explainer Video

The script should then start describing what your viewer will feel like after they’ve fixed their problem. You’ll want to create a small glimpse into a better reality where their frustrations and fears are relieved.

Now it’s time to show them the key to that more ideal place and it happens to be your product, service, or a specific feature therein. You want to create the connection between your prospect’s current experience and whatever it is you’re offering. In your viewer’s mind, you’re now relevant to benefits they’ll want to experience.

Once you’ve quickly explained some aspects of your product or service and how they provide a solution—which is often done in an elevator pitch style—it’s time to tell your viewer what they need to do next. This is where you specify your call-to-action; tell your viewer to request a quote, visit your website, download a PDF—whatever you’d like them to do if they’re interested in your offering.

Explainer Video Production

This is an effective course for a video script to take, especially if you want to deliver a quick pitch or have a basic format that you can use to create a series of videos on multiple products, services, or features. If, however, you want to take your video marketing efforts to a greater end, then you may be looking for something other than explainer video production.

Some companies feel hesitant to create videos that are anything other than a minute or two in length, out of fear they’ll lose their audience due to dwindling modern attention spans. This defies the trend for B2B buyers, who may spend weeks and months looking for comprehensive information in order to make a more informed buying decision.

Those buyers need to do a lot of research on a solution prior to contacting a company, and they prefer to watch video over reading numerous other information sources. If you cater to that research and buying trend, you’ll attract more qualified prospects rather than casual viewers, and guess which of the two will be more likely to contact you at the end of your video?