While no two website design providers are exactly the same, they can usually be fit into one of two categories. You have your large, corporate website design providers that serve hundreds and thousands of customers with fairly standardized offerings. Then you have smaller, boutique agencies like us, a Long Island website design firm.

Boutique agencies typically serve a smaller base of clients, and they can be choosy about who they take on. That’s because boutique agencies will typically cater their services to be especially effective for a specific type of business or industry.

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The right type of website design provider for you will depend on the level of service you’re looking for. If you want a selection of options that align with the standards you’ll find in most places online, then a larger, corporate agency may be all you need.

If you want to discuss unique specifications or have custom work completed, you may hit a snag or end up paying extra if you go beyond the firm’s standard offerings. Larger, corporate firms take longer to develop and finalize their offerings and are less able to quickly make changes based on the needs of the customers.

That may not be much of a concern if you’re only looking for average design work and associated services, and if you don’t foresee major changes down the road. Consider it the difference between buying a suit off the rack and having one tailor made to your specific measurements. You may be fine with the option that’s not made to your exact specifications but enables you to cross something off your list, or you may insist on something that will really serve your individual needs.

Sometimes larger website design firms will give you tools to design many elements and integrate your content on your own. This is advantageous when you want to make changes on the fly and get creative on your terms, but that doesn’t guarantee the choices you make with your content will be beneficial in terms of lead generating power and return.

Conversely, working with a smaller boutique agency may be a better choice if you want personalized guidance and careful attention to your specific business. If you’re looking for non-standard options and more customized services, typically a smaller firm will give you a little more freedom while guiding you on what will be most effective for drawing traffic and qualified prospects.

If you would describe your business practice as unique and you want your website to play an active role in your sales and marketing process, then you’ll benefit from choosing a firm that can offer you the flexibility you require, combined with the expertise needed to achieve results.

Remember to take the time to carefully evaluate what you’ll need. Your website should be an extension of your business, not just an afterthought marketing effort.