Explainer videos are popular indeed. They’re quick and easy to make and they rely on a structure that can suit a wide range of products, services, messages, and concepts.

For all the general and versatile benefits they offer, does that mean they’re right for just about any company? There is a big market for corporate explainer videos but does that alone make them useful for selling in more specialized markets?

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One thing that explainer videos can offer corporate or B2B companies is their focus on answering a viewer’s questions and aiming to educate rather than simply promote. This is something that prospects appreciate, especially as they are more frequently performing research on their own terms before reaching out to a specific company.

That approach to a corporate video is a good takeaway when you want your company to be known as a source for insight and information on whatever you offer. There are other explainer video factors, however, that may not be right for every company.

First, explainer videos are rather fast passed, typically running between sixty and ninety seconds. This is fine for an elevator pitch structure, but if you’d like to really provide answers to questions and address several purchase stakeholders at once, you’ll need to spend a little more time discussing your offering.

While a longer runtime defies the popular notion that shorter is better in video marketing, you could be saving your more qualified prospects a lot of time by presenting information they’d otherwise have to look up in a sales brochure, article, or press release. Viewers that stick around to hear what you have to say at the five-, ten-, or twenty-minute mark are those who will be more likely to buy from you and are more worth your time than a casual video surfer.

 Corporate Explainer Videos

Also consider the presentation of your average explainer video. They are often animated, with a voiceover, and sometimes include a music soundtrack.

If you’re trying to retain your viewer’s attention and leave a lasting impression, then cartoons and animated graphics may not be the most effective type of visuals, nor do they instill the most professional impression. A human face and voice, delivering information in a straightforward manner, is better suited for staying with the viewer after the video has ended.

Before you make any decisions regarding a corporate explainer video, ask yourself what you hope to gain from it.

Do you want to deliver an elevator pitch and illustrate a quick concept? If so, then an explainer video may be all you need.

Do you want to increase a thorough understanding of what you can provide a customer, while leaving a lasting impression, and helping many different stakeholders on a purchasing journey, then you may want to consider a type of video that goes a little deeper.

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