You know you want to incorporate video into your marketing efforts, you may have even seen B2B and corporate videos that have inspired you, but maybe something has stood in your way from getting them produced and implemented. If you are facing any of the following common obstacles, rest assured there are ways to overcome them.

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Unclear Intent

One of the most common obstacles associated with video marketing production can come at its earliest point: knowing where to start. You may have come across videos that you like and have attempted to adapt their format and style for your own company, but you simply haven’t been able to make it work or haven’t been able to decide on an intent beyond attracting viewers.

Instead of focusing on what you want the end result to look like and the broad goal of gaining views, think about the viewer and how you can benefit them.

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Do you offer a product or service that can solve a specific set of problems? Do you have something to provide that sets you apart from the competition, even if it’s just your expert advice? Are buyers in your target markets making a mistake and you know ways they can avoid it thanks to your capabilities?

Internet users often rely on video to learn something or gain insight that’s relevant to their needs. Aim to enlighten rather than just promote by asking yourself what you can offer a viewer. You’ll then have a focus for your video and provide plenty of reasons for prospects to seek you out as a trustworthy and reliable source for information.

Limited Time And Resources

Maybe you already have a defined plan for video production but you just don’t have the time, money, and know-how to make it a reality. You’ve looked into bargain video services, but maybe they don’t measure up to the standards you hold for your company or afford you enough control over the production.

Perhaps you’ve thought about going the DIY route, but there is too much to learn in too little time and too many different facets of production to complete on your own. You are, after all, in the business you’re in, and that probably doesn’t afford you much time to invest in your own in-house production capabilities.

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Limits on time, money, and production resources are among the most commonly cited reasons for delaying or ceasing video marketing, but this obstacle is all about finding the right video production company and knowing best practices for video production so you can identify the right provider.

You will need to make more of an investment than you would with a bargain basement or DIY option, but an initial investment on videos, that are proven to deliver return, will save you the trouble of exhausting your resources and still enable you to compete.

Look at your marketing budget and consider temporarily diverting more resources to capable, high value video production services that are shown to produce results. The initial investment will make a difference and move you further along in your marketing success. It’s a better bet than doing nothing or relying on inferior video production that won’t make much difference.

Not Enough Views And Return

If you’ve already had marketing videos produced to your satisfaction but you’re not gaining the views and return you were expecting, you may need to revisit the focus of your video as discussed earlier in this article.

This problem could also mean that you simply need to pair your video with a messaging or lead nurturing campaign that will bring in more viewers. This can be done by asking yourself what your video will offer viewers and then launching a campaign to promote it.

You may also want to reexamine your video’s title, accompanying description, and the text you’ve included on your video landing page. These can be important factors in how easily your video is found by prospects in search of a solution.

Are these or other issues hindering your marketing success? We can help you pinpoint the problems and help create a solution that turns things around.