There are lots of marketing techniques that are focused on driving traffic to a website. From SEO to social media marketing, there’s no shortage of methods for trying to get internet users from all over the web to ultimately land on one of your website pages, but what happens once they get there?

In an effort to increase traffic, lots of marketers can lose focus on the portion of website development that determines your prospect’s path upon entering your domain. Have you looked at your website structure and content and considered how it guides your visitor?

According to the Small Business Trends presented study from Online Marketing Coach titled “Small Business B2B Call To Action Study”, 70% of small businesses fail to display clear calls-to-action on their homepage and 72% don’t include calls-to-action on their interior pages.

While these findings are a few years old, it’s still surprising to learn that many companies simply haven’t thought about how they want to direct their website visitors. They may be of the mind that an interested prospect will simply go to their contact page or dial the number that appears in their header, but B2B buyers are less likely to contact a company directly when they’re still in the process of researching a product or service.

More and more B2B buyers want to peruse information from multiple sources, on their own time, and discuss it with fellow stakeholders on their purchasing team. A phone number or link to a contact page isn’t of great use to them until a much later point on their purchasing journey.

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But if you tell them where they can go and what they should do to watch your webinar, download your PDF buyers guide, or submit an RFQ on your product or services, there’s no time wasted and no ambiguity on how they can engage with your company, and in a way that suits earlier stages in their purchasing journey.

Providing your prospects with varied options to engage with your website shows that you are in tune with their experience and have anticipated their needs. It also enables you to gently get your foot in the door that much sooner.

The most persuasive and perfectly presented website content, paired with expert marketing techniques that drive ample traffic consistently, will amount to nothing if you do not provide your website visitors with clear calls-to-action—that are relevant to varied stages in a purchasing journey.

Once your prospect reaches your website, it’s your job to be their guide and show them what they should do when they want to learn more about your products or services, get a quote, view your pricing, etc. Think about what you offer and what a prospect might want to know before they pick up the phone, and then clearly tell them where they can find it.

Leave no question about what they should do next. Determine the path you want a website visitor to travel and guide them at every opportunity.

We can help you develop a website and create content that will enable to drive and direct how your prospects engage. Contact us to learn how it can be done.