As explainer videos have risen in popularity, more and more companies—including those in the B2B community—have taken a strong interest. After all, video has become imperative for any successful marketing approach, and explainer videos are quick, focused, usually within even modest budgets.

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But if you’ve done your research and you think you may be ready to contact an explainer video company, there are a few things you should consider before you make that call or submit that contact form. First and foremost, have you answered the question of what an explainer video will do for your company?

In general, you can trust that your average explainer video will be branded to promote your company, will include at least some variety of animation styles that you may or may not have approval over, and they will usually be within a maximum runtime of several minutes to cater to short viewer attention spans.

Additionally, explainer videos will often confront a single question or problem and will quickly explain how a product, service, system, individual feature, etc. serves as a solution.

If you’re tired of answering the same questions over and over, if you want to provide a quick rundown of how a process, product, or service works, or if you’ve been looking for a way to broaden your company’s reach on video sites and incorporate more video into your website, social media, pages, and other places online, then explainer videos can do that for you. But so what?

It’s true that, after searching for answers to their questions or information about a product or service, some new prospects may see your explainer video and learn your company’s name— they may even follow your call-to-action as your video concludes.

But in considering what an explainer video will do, ask whether it will help make a purchasing journey easier for someone who may spend weeks and months researching an offering.

Will it benefit other people in your prospect’s company when they need to weigh in or approve of the decision to purchase? Will your explainer video be memorable among the many other explainer videos from your competitors?

Remember, this is a popular and accessible type of video marketing and therefore your competition is probably using them as well.

There are a lot of other questions you should be asking when trying to determine what an explainer video will amount to for your company. If you’re ready to see a significant return from any video marketing you do, and if you want to stand apart from your competitors, you’ll need video that does more than just explain one aspect of your offerings or answer you provide.

If you were excited to contact an explainer video company and start producing your video, you may feel disappointed, but really you shouldn’t be. That’s because there are much better, more effective video marketing options you can put to work. You can learn more about your options here on our website.