B2B Sales & Promotional Explainer Video Production Services

Video has become a prevalent aspect of just about any marketing strategy. Its increasing use by B2B sales and marketing professionals is just one testament to how powerful it can be.

When done correctly, video marketing gives you the ability to build your brand, boost your SEO, grow your presence online, and reach a larger audience of prospects in all the markets you serve.

It can communicate a range of different concepts and be one of the most persuasive and productive types of content among your internet marketing assets.

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Worth Your Time, Energy, And Investment?

But are all videos equal?
For as popular as they may be you need to ask yourself: How much does your company really need video?

If your online video marketing efforts aren't actively contributing to your ability to convert prospects into leads and drive more sales — if they don't have the potential to do that with just one viewing — are they really worth your time, energy, and investment?

Just because more and more of your prospects prefer to get information through an online video, that doesn't mean just any type of business video will contribute to your marketing and sales goal.

What does it take to justify the cost, time, and energy required for web video production, especially when you consider just how many options there are out there?

Will Any Video Do The Job?

Believing that any video will do that job is a mistake many marketers make.

They think they can use the most basic types of marketing videos to gain significant benefits and ROI.

The market for short, promotional explainer videos, pitch videos, and demo videos, among others, is huge.

This market is getting even bigger for companies that sell B2B products or services.
It's not hard to find an explainer video company that focuses specifically on markets that B2B companies serve.

Their prevalence alone, however, doesn't mean these types of videos are really effective for all companies.

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There's also no way to ensure they'll provide you with any real value or that they'll contribute to your ability to drive leads and sales.

What Is Enough To Convert?

Conventional B2B marketing videos range in style.

They frequently feature animation and cookie-cutter graphics that can be easily created using basic software and standard explainer video production techniques.

They're very easy and inexpensive to produce, so there's not much risk in having them created for your company. There's also usually not much ROI either.

In terms of substance, your average sales video quickly launches into a company's product or service pitch.

It may specify one or two features and benefits of an offering. In the case of a product explainer video, it may even cite a specific problem or two that your viewer wants to solve.

But is that enough to really convert them?

If they watch your short, animated marketing video, will they feel driven to contact you to learn more about your offering?

Will your B2B explainer video have an equal impact if your original viewer shares it with their CEO, VP of purchasing, and other people involved in the decision to buy from you?

Has your brief script done enough to make their research and buying journey that much shorter?

Has it created the impression that your company is the best and most logical choice among your competitors?

It's really difficult, almost impossible, to reliably do all that with your average demo, pitch, or explainer video — even if you're using the best graphics, script, editing techniques, etc.

Even if you pay a high price for your marketing video production, that doesn't guarantee results.

What's Possible Through B2B Marketing Videos?

What's Possible Through Marketing Videos?

On the positive side, it's remarkably easy to convert prospects into leads, drive more sales, communicate with multiple B2B purchase decision-makers, and gain a substantial, consistent ROI using a good B2B video marketing strategy.

But you must produce your business marketing video to play an active role in your prospect's buying journey, and that means your video has a lot to accomplish.

Solve Problems For Multiple Stakeholders

Your video should be scripted and structured to address the questions and concerns of your most valued prospects.

Your script also needs to address the questions and concerns of other stakeholders and decision-makers who will weigh in on whether or not a purchase is made.

From the CEO to the floor supervisor, from the VP of sales to the operator, if the purchase of your product or service impacts them or if they have a say in the buying process, your script should address their concerns, needs, and wants.

When a sales and marketing professional sets out to create an explainer video, they may have one type of viewer in mind, but the best B2B video campaigns are built around addressing the needs with multiple stakeholders involved in the purchasing journey.

6 Minutes of a 20 Minute Presentation Video ROIGROUP Produced For Plastic Machinery & Parts

Explain Features, Advantages And Benefits

Your video should focus on how specific features of your product or service will solve problems for the buyer and the user.

It should also name specific advantages and benefits that your prospect can hope to experience — once they make the decision to employ your solution.

If you show them how your product or service can transition them from their current concerns to a more ideal reality in which their problems are solved, they'll be motivated to make that transition happen by purchasing from you.

You'll need to go beyond the conventions of a sales promotion video. You want to create a valuable resource that enables your viewer to make the connection between your offering and a solution to their needs.

Capture The Attention Of Viewers

Your video should feature a professional, on-screen spokesperson and/or voiceover with high quality visual aids, so that you retain the attention of your viewer.

You want to make them feel like you're giving them a comprehensive presentation at a time and place that's most convenient for them — and that's right on their computer, tablet, smartphone, or smartTV screen.

Animations and cartoons, like those that are standard in explanatory video production, can be amusing and eye-catching, but they can also give the wrong impression when you're trying to portray your company as a marketplace authority for solving your customer's problems with a useful product or service.

They're also less memorable and relatable compared to a human presence and voice.

If you're trying to build rapport with a future customer, memorability and reliability are imperative qualities you'll need to build into your marketing video.

Be An Expert Resource For Prospects

Your video should be more than just another means of branding your company or promoting a product or service; it should be an extension of your expertise.

An expertly produced marketing video can serve as a resource for prospects who are still at the research and evaluation stages of their purchasing journey.

Use your video as an opportunity to reach prospects at a time when they may not be receptive to a sales pitch or commercial.

This is why promotional video production, that's simply focused on a sales pitch, falls short when it comes to conversion.

However, viewers will be very receptive to hear about how your product or service can solve their specific problems and make their job and their life that much easier.

Foster Relationships

Video content marketing should be part of an overall campaign to foster relationships with your prospects and ensure your company stays relevant in their research and purchase process.

Even the best explainer videos and promotional videos are over in minutes, if not seconds, and that's roughly how long it stays in your prospect's consciousness.

If you're selling a B2B solution that requires weeks or months of research and discussion with numerous purchase decision-makers, that type of video marketing is going to be rather ineffective.

Instead, your video campaign should be structured to accompany your prospect from the moment they realize their need and start their research process, through their purchasing decision process.

That includes your video presentation, as well as video and emails to help them first decide to watch and then continue to engage with your company.

Shorten And Accelerate The Buyer's Journey

Your video needs to provide valuable information to your prospect, essentially replacing or supplementing a range of buyer's research materials like sales brochures, press releases, and other media that informs your prospects on key features of your product or service.

It should help your prospects save time when they're researching their options and identifying specific ways a product or service will solve their problems.

It should also save you time when you need to communicate the features, advantages, and benefits of your offering.

Your marketing video should be an extension of your expertise and your commitment to serving a customer.

When that is apparent to the viewer, they'll remember your company and they'll feel they can trust it.

Imagine just how much faster you'll convert a prospect when — in under twenty minutes — you've provided them with valuable information and insight on how your offering solves their problems.

Compare that to the hours upon hours it would take to find all that information on their own, organize it, and share it with other stakeholders involved in the purchasing decision.

That's something that makes life easier for both of you.

Create A Centerpiece For Marketing Campaigns

Your video should be a centerpiece for your marketing campaigns.

It should be something worth drawing traffic to.

It should also serve as a reason for you to reach out to your prospects with lead nurturing email communication and other messaging campaigns.

You'll even want a shorter, pre-sell video that encourages your prospects to opt-in and watch your full presentation.

Reach Prospects On Multiple Paths

Your prospects may have similar needs that can all be solved by your product or service but the paths that lead them to you will vary greatly. Nevertheless, they should all converge at your presentation.

That's why your marketing video needs to be strong and comprehensive. It should be capable of sustaining its role as the center of a powerful lead conversion effort.

If you're wondering how to create explainer videos that are capable of accomplishing that, consistently, you have a big task ahead of you.

If, however, you can drive different types of prospects and stakeholders to a single comprehensive video that addresses multiple needs, your production efforts are focused and your system is manageable.

Presell Video ROIGROUP Produced For Plastic Machinery & Parts

Filter Qualified Prospects

Your video should be a means of filtering only qualified prospects. Just about anyone can view your explainer video if you have it on YouTube, your ecommerce website, or on your social media pages.

They'll get some sense of your product or service, but they'll still have a lot of questions.

After they contact you, it make take up a fair bit of your and their time before you both realize your offering isn't right for them and they aren't a qualified lead after all.

Instead, what if they had to opt-in to view your presentation?

Rather than casually clicking through industry videos, they had to make the decision to attend, just like signing up for a lecture or seminar on a topic that sounded relevant to their needs.

A prospect who made that decision, and ended up contacting you based on your presentation, would be primed to do business more than a casual or simply curious viewer.

How We Can Do This For You

At ROIGROUP, we create a unique type of B2B video presentation (click here to see it in action) that's combined with a comprehensive marketing strategy meant to automatically convert more prospects into informed and engaged leads.

Our production capabilities and our approach to video marketing yields results for our clients that could never be achieved with most other video and marketing options, are now available for B2B companies.

We've developed a system that can help you gain all of the capabilities and benefits discussed on this page.

While you may have started your journey wanting to simply create video for your homepage or to fill a gap in your marketing content, you may have quickly realized your company needs something more comprehensive, high quality, and powerful.

That's what our system delivers for our clients.

It has been designed specifically for B2B companies that offer specialized solutions that solve a range of problems for different types of B2B buyers.

These products and services can be difficult and time consuming to market, but we've solved that problem with a powerful approach that's been remarkably effective for our clients. You can watch our presentation to learn more about what our system provides.

We're not just another video production company; we are a small, boutique agency that works closely with our clients.

If you just want to know how to create an explainer video that will simply promote your company and deliver a quick pitch, or if you want to provide minimum information and have us churn out an animated commercial, that is not what we are offering.

We're very selective about whom we'll serve based on what they offer and how serious they are about sharing their expertise and converting more leads.

If you think your company would be an appropriate candidate for a marketing system that does everything we've discussed and more, view our presentation.

You'll see how our specific approach to video production and marketing works, and how it can generate more qualified leads, drive more sales, and deliver substantial return.

You'll then be able to schedule an appointment for a free consultation to learn if we're the best choice to serve your video marketing needs.

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