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We are a website designer and development agency on Long Island that creates powerful, scalable websites that are fully responsive and include all features and functionality of a big brand website, but we build them at a reduced investment and get them implemented in a fraction of the time.

We've done this for companies that are ready to update and upgrade their current web presence and for companies that have no prior success establishing their authority online.

If you want to dominate your market with more than just standard website development and design services, then we can deliver what you're looking for.

Which Edition Is Right For You?

The Majority of our Clients are in Manufacturing and Corporate Services.

Each one of our offerings can be customized to your individual needs.
We've developed three distinct advanced website design types that are catered to specific business requirements and goals.

Corporate Edition

Corporate Edition

The right choice for companies that do not need to include a shopping cart or display numerous catalog or line item data. If you are selling a heavy product, service specification, or complex, customized solution, this type of website will work for you. It enables you to take full advantage of marketing with online video directly on your website. This edition can be easily combined with our Lead Finder System. The website you’re looking at now is a prime example.

LeadGen Edition

LeadGen Edition

If you’ve been looking for a better way to generate sales leads based on the products you offer, this type of website is a great choice. The included RFQ Manager allows you to list product line items without making them available for purchase through your website. Instead, your customers can select the items they need and instantly request a quote. If you sell commodities, components, hardware, and similar products to other businesses, this type of website works great as a sales and lead generation asset.

B2B Ecommerce Edition

B2B Ecommerce Edition

If you need a robust, balanced ecommerce, shopping cart equipped website with optional RFQ features, comprehensive promotional tools, customer exclusive pricing, and more, then this option has everything you’re looking for. We combined the features of our Showroom and LeadGen editions and added even more options, so you can create a website that provides a new level of freedom and flexibility for selling and marketing online.

What You Get With Your Website

Effective Design Creation

Your website should embody your company's unique identity online, not just the standards of the industry in which you operate.

That means the essence of your brand and your ability to meet the needs of your customers is front and center. Every element should portray your company as a reputable, capable, and qualified source for the products and services you provide.

Show your prospects and customers that your company has built its success, and is continuing to grow, because of its unique capabilities.

Our marketing website design standards are based on creating a professional impression that drives an effective response from your marketplace.

We can create a corporate website design and industrial website design that's catered to the needs and behaviors of your most valued prospects. Through advanced website design techniques, we can help you drive conversion and prompt more consistent visitor engagement.

Responsive Design

A high-quality B2B website design must account for the way internet users search for and engage with content. We've carefully considered this when creating our advanced website development services.

An increasing amount of your prospects and customers are using mobile devices to search for the information they need on your offerings. This is why we build our clients' websites to be fully responsive.

A responsive design means that your design elements, product and service information, and site features appear clear and are fully functional across all manner of mobile browsers.

Whether your customer is viewing your information on a smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, smart TV, or any other device, your website will respond to the parameters of your customer's preferred browsing and purchasing methods.

It doesn't matter if you need a B2B ecommerce website design with an extensive catalog or sleek, branded corporate website development that incorporates video and other informative content, our services will ensure that it looks great on the devices your prospects are using right now.

Custom Content

Your company is unique and the content representing it must be as well. All of the websites we build are one-of-a-kind, with custom, professionally created content that's designed to prompt your most desired response from website visitors.

Throughout our marketing website development process, we are focused on your message, offerings, and the capabilities that set you apart from the competition, while utilizing all current search engine optimization best practices and standards.

We spotlight the products and services that your prospects are searching for, which gives you the ability to gain more traffic and assert your marketplace authority.

Our team has the experience and expertise to provide industrial website development services that enable small and medium sized companies to compete with some of the globe's biggest brands and corporations.

We want to help you show your customers why your company is the best source for solutions. In addition to the visual aspects of industrial website design, it takes a well crafted message to accomplish that.

We're here to help you create it and share it.

Rich Media

Website design by ROIGROUP includes the most effective types of online media. Whether you have a simple solution to sell or a complex offer that needs to be explained, we incorporate high quality B2B video production, images, and other media that will aid your customers in their purchasing decision process, drive conversion, and enable you to reach more prospects across the web.

We can help you tell a story in a compelling way and deliver a message to an audience that's looking for what you provide.

It doesn't matter if you're seeking a website design for manufacturers or one of our other B2B ecommerce solutions, we will use our skills and services to show your customers why your company is the best, most logical choice in your marketplace.

Calls To Action

You can drive your prospects to engage with your company in the manner you choose. You simply have to implement the right elements during the B2B website development process.

Whether you want them to submit a quote request or tech drawings through an RFQ website design, complete a contact form, sign up for your newsletter, call you directly, or any other specific response, your website will be built with clear calls to action.

We want to ensure that your corporate or manufacturing website design makes sense for your unique business practices and that it encourages the right response from your visitors.

When your future customers are ready to engage, your website leaves no question on what they should do next and how they can get started interacting with your company.

That action is what amounts to more leads, sales, and revenue, and that's what we can help you gain through our B2B ecommerce website development and design capabilities.

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