The Right B2B E-commerce Solutions

At ROIGROUP, we are a B2B e-commerce provider that understands that it's not enough to simply list a wave of stats confirming the popularity of B2B e-commerce software to convince you that it's right for your company and that you should drop everything to fit your business around it.

Not all e-commerce platforms will solve the same set of problems, nor will they give you the same capabilities.

If you've tried one or more applications before and they fell short of your expectations or demanded too much change from you and your staff, the issue may not be with the capabilities alone, but how they were implemented. It may have been shortcomings in a specific type of software or even the company that sold it to you.

We will provide you with the best e-commerce platform for your company, one that will stop the previously mentioned concerns from holding you back.


We're interested in helping you become part of this trillion-dollar trend and rise to meet a new breed of buyer, who wants to do most of their research, decision making, and purchasing online. We also want to make sure you can continue to serve those customers who have been with you for years.

We want you to be able to justify your choice to implement e-commerce by making it easier—not harder—to manage your marketing and sales and streamline many of your practices, so you can serve your customers better and focus on other ways you can be growing your business.

Let's go over what's possible and what you need with your B2B ecommerce website.

What's Possible: Organize Your Products And Optimize The Buying Experience

Faceted Search Filtering With Smart Predictive Search

What is it: When your website visitors browse and search through your catalog, they can easily navigate and narrow results by whatever features you define. Real-time search filtering and narrowing of search results can be completed with speed and ease.

Data indexing can be scheduled or triggered on-demand for an accelerated search. You choose the individual product attributes that are indexed to be ranked and which of those will be indexed for predictive search.


Predictive Search

What is it: When your website visitors enter keywords into the search bar on your website, they can easily pull up results based on products and terms they have searched in the past. This is made possible as predictive search learns from the previous search history of your website visitor.

You can group product attributes and include a multiple attribute checkbox selection so only relevant product attributes are displayed together. You can also create landing pages based on how your customers search for certain keywords so that you grow your website with content that is most relevant to your prospects and customers.

Product Comparison

What is it: You choose which products are available for comparison so customers can view related products side-by-side to determine which features and attributes are most relevant to their needs. Customers can do this with products even if they are not shown on the same page of your catalog.

You get full access to the style sheet so you can customize the look and feel of the comparison page.

product comparison

Inventory Manager

What is it: When it comes to negative inventory, you have the option to sell or not sell, show or hide out-of-stock or back ordered items. You can set a low inventory threshold and activate front-end messaging once that threshold is reached.

You can also set up notifications that will appear when items are back in stock. All this is possible through the Warehouse And Advanced Inventory module combined with the Multi-Warehouse module.

What's Possible: Foster Old And New Customer Relationships Through Your Website

Private And Public Content

What is it: You don't have to worry about casual visitors and competitors seeing information that's meant for the eyes of qualified customer groups. You choose what products and parts of your catalog are visible to specific customers.

You can set up information and online resources that can be made private and public based on the types of customers and leads you would like to assist.

You can also add knowledge sheets and create a website based resource center that your sales reps and other team members can easily access while remaining invisible to your customers and prospects. This feature is especially useful when you cater to customers in specific regions and territories and you cater your offerings accordingly.

Customer Dashboard

What is it: This feature enables you to provide a personalized online purchasing experience right down to the individual customer. The Customer Dashboard keeps track of all the products your customers browse and buy, so that they can quickly re-order and restock.

Sales reps can easily place orders on behalf of customers. With the built-in MyList and MyList Group features, customers can view their order history and keep record of past purchases, even those bought from different departments or stores included on your domain.

my account

Customer Loyalty Module

What is it: If you have or you've been thinking about setting up a loyalty module, this feature enables you to do so with ease. You can assign loyalty points to specific products so that your customers are rewarded when they make a purchase and have an incentive to choose your company again and again.

You have control over point configurations and reward thresholds and how discounts are earned.

Sales And Marketing System

What is it: You can continue to offer your valued customer discounts, coupons, and special savings. You can also use these incentives to attract new customers. The built-in Sales And Marketing System feature allows you to create coupon codes that can be tied to individual products, product groups, and customer groups.

Free shipping, buy-one-get-one, weekly deals, limited time offers with countdown timer, and other deals can be set up quickly and easily. You can also add gift certificate and gift card capabilities that include minimum amount limitations as well as a range of promotional offers.


What's Possible: Give Your Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, And Warehouse Teams More Control


What is it: If you already have all of your customer data and contact accounts organized, it will be easy to input them into this powerful customer relationship management tool. You can also update and export with ease.

You can assign customers and tasks to your sales reps and team members to ensure all of your customers are receiving dedicated attention. It's easy to create custom forms and questionnaires that you can use for lead generation tasks and feedback.


Sales Rep Management And Presentation Module

What is it: The module accommodates your inside and field sales reps with manual or automatic assignments based on zip codes and other territory information. Sales managers and senior reps can be assigned and then given an option to create sub-accounts for their team members.

You can gauge and measure your team's success with advanced sales rep reporting set by a range of parameters, including month-to-month and individual performance comparisons.


This module also makes it possible for sales reps to efficiently order on behalf of their customers. You can set up your catalog so that a customer is greeted by a message from their assigned sales rep once they login.

Sales reps can also choose which products are available to their customers, allowing for more targeted and customized offer creation.

There's no ambiguity about which customers are assigned to which rep and who is responsible for the sale. This feature is fully mobile responsive so your reps can access everything they need from their smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Real Time Shipping Quotes And Powerful Packaging Configurator

What is it: Full integration with FedEx, UPS, and USPS shipping modules means that real-time, per-product shipping and tracking information can be easily obtained through your website.

Your customers will be pleased when they can see exactly when their order has shipped and when they can expect it to arrive.

UPS World Ship Integration

What is it: If you're using UPS World Ship 100% integration is possible. As orders are placed through your website, shipping labels can be automatically generated.

When you close your UPS batch at the end of the day, order statuses are automatically updated on your website and your customers are notified.


What's Possible: Boost Your Marketing Capabilities And Revenue

Email Marketing Tools

What is it: Customize emails that automatically send based on how your customer interacts with your website and catalog. Send email campaigns to customers who have recently purchased a certain SKU to promote related products or upsell, or a coupon or reminder to customers who have not made a purchase in 30 or 60 days to get them back on your website, and more.

Email Marketing

You can create custom marketing messages and campaigns that are targeted for specific customer groups to let them know when certain items go on sale or of new products that they're most likely to buy. Send reminders to shoppers who have abandoned their cart or left in the middle of the checkout process.

You'll have access to an unlimited email template builder that enables you to incorporate smart dynamic elements, like a coupon code timer, directly in your email message. This feature also allows you to efficiently import your lead list.

Marketing Automation

What is it: You can use the scheduler to automatically send emails when a customer makes a purchase and prompt them to leave a product rating or review.

You can also send out various messaging campaigns to nurture leads and promote products based on specific actions they've taken on your website.

You can even reactivate campaigns based on whether emails are opened and the click behavior of your recipients.

Marketing Automation

Products Review

What is it: Product reviews are everywhere and buyers regularly rely on them to make purchasing decisions. You can easily incorporate them into your catalog with the Products Review feature.

Your customers can leave star ratings and/or comments on purchases they've made. You have the option to moderate and decide which reviews are visible from the admin tools.

Affiliate Marketing Module

What is it: If you're interested in opening up your sales to affiliate marketing, so you can sell different types of products under different brand and supplier names, this platform makes it easy. 10 affiliate sites can be included at no extra cost.

You can instantly create landing pages or microsites for specific brands and affiliates, while keeping all transactions organized and products easy to navigate for your customers.

Why ROIGROUP For B2B E-commerce?

We looked at the top B2B e-commerce platforms from many different online marketing and B2B e-commerce companies. We evaluated them based on the features they offer, their level of flexibility, ease of implementation, practicality, cost, and other factors.

B2B Marketing

From there, we considered our own B2B clients and what nearly 20 years of experience has taught us. We asked what would benefit them most as they try to increase their revenue, better serve their customers, and reduce their operating costs and time spent on tasks that could be automated.

We also carefully considered how technology and buyer behaviors have changed marketplaces. We looked at the capabilities a company would need if they wanted to gain a definitive edge when the competition is brutal and adapting to constant change is a necessity.

With all of this and more in mind, we have developed an offering built on the best e-commerce platform for B2B.

It includes all of the features discussed, and has been developed with WebJaguar, the best B2B ecommerce platform for companies that are seeking powerful sales and marketing capabilities with the right level of flexibility to keep them in control.

Find Out What's Right For You

We know that no matter what a B2B e-commerce solution provider promises, if it doesn't work for your unique company, it doesn't matter how popular it is.

And that is why we invite you to have a conversation with us. We'll discuss your needs, your objectives, and your concerns.

We'll help you determine whether or not a B2B e-commerce solution like this can work for your specific company. We'll show you what it will enable you to do, how it can help you save time, and where it will enable your company to grow.

All you have to do is schedule a consultation with us. You risk nothing by taking action now.

If you continue to delay, however, you could be missing out an opportunity to adopt a solution that will enable your company to grow beyond your current goals.

If you continue to wait, your competitors likely will not. That's why we urge you to find out what's possible and makes the most sense for your company's success.

Contact us for a consultation now.