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  • Do you sell 1000, 10,000, 100,000, 1,000,000, or even more line items?
  • Do you want to make it easier for prospects to see your line items on search engines?
  • Do you want to make it easier for your website visitors to request a quote on any of those items?
  • Do you need a product configurator?

If you've answered yes to any or all of the questions, then our LeadGen Edition is for you.

What Is The LeadGen Edition?

If you've been looking for a better way to generate sales and leads based on the products you offer, this responsive designed website edition is a great choice.

The RFQ Manager allows you to list product line items while restricting your customers' ability to purchase through your website. Instead, they can select the items they need and instantly request a quote.

If you sell commodities, components, hardware, industrial items, and if you're competing with other businesses that sell the same products, this type of website will serve as a powerful sales and lead generation asset.


How Does It Work?

You provide all your line items and their attributes in a spreadsheet and we'll place them on your website. These items will then be searchable across your domain and can be found by Faceted Product Search Filtering in each top-level product category.

The LeadGen Edition gives you the ability to feature all your products in a catalog on your website, with the incorporation of the RFQ Manager, which includes a Request for Quote feature.

Your website visitors can easily search for the line items they need and add them to a quote cart. They can then submit their itemized quote request along with their contact information.

You'll receive the itemized request and their contact details all in one email so you can then respond and proceed with the sale.


What's Included With The LeadGen Website?

Your LeadGen website homepage includes a custom dynamic graphic header with up to four different rollover images. The header includes your unique selling point message and any other general text that you provide, as well as additional images, a prominent call-to-action, and a scroll widget that spotlights your top level product categories. We provide two design concepts and up to eight revisions.


Subsequent Page Layout:

Additional pages you wish to add are based on the design of the homepage, excluding the header graphics.

One Minute Company Intro Video:

You get a 60-second video using an onscreen talent as your spokesperson. We provide a video script of up to 100 words. Your video will also have one custom billboard image related to your company. We embed the video on one page of your website, which is typically the homepage.


Product Categories:

Up to eight top-level product category pages are created. More categories can be added for an additional cost and will require a mega menu.

Design and Implement Faceted Product Search Filtering With Smart Predictive Search:

Data is indexed nightly or on-demand for accelerated search rankings. You can decide which attributes will be indexed for search and which will be indexed for predictive search. Search convention includes Booleans. Smart predictive search learns based on users' previous search histories. You have the option of search grouping as well as a multiple attribute checkbox selection.


Button and RFQ Cart Checkout:

You choose the design of the add-to-quote button and cart colors. Your website users on the front end don't have to register on your site to request a quote.

They can add items to a quote list just like adding items to a shopping cart.


About Us Page:

You provide us with a company overview to share with your website visitors. Includes up to two images that you provide and a call to action.

Contact Us Page:

Includes a contact form, text that you provide, and up to two images.

Custom 404 Error Page:

You provide a message of up to 300 words, up to two images, and links of your choice.

RFQ Thank You Page:

We create a "Thank You" page for visitors once they have submitted their RFQ cart. You provide a message of up to 300 words and up to two images.

Additional Pages/Categories:

Additional pages and product categories are availale. Just tell us what you need.

Contact Form:

We create one custom contact form with up to five fields that you specify.

Contact Form Thank You Page:

We create a "Thank You" page for visitors once they have submitted their contact information. You provide a message of up to 300 words and up to two images.

Social Media Integration:

We'll include links to direct visitors to your company's social media pages.

Mobile Menu & Mobile Header:

On a mobile device, your visitor will see a minimal header as well as a ‘Facebook style' left-hand mobile menu. This is currently the most user-friendly mobile navigation menu available.

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