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So You Want To Be Your Own Content Writer

The awesome thing about a lot of website and ecommerce platforms today is that it’s so easy to update your own site content. No more complicated than composing an email or setting up an MS Word doc, you can add, update, refresh and build your website’s content to your heart’s content. But should you? If it’s that easy to go ahead and build content, then what’s stopping you, or say that one employee who composes those really solid emails, from doing your own content writing? It’s money saved after all.

now it's your turnTo Hire A Writer Or Become One?

The truth is that many CEOs, executives and employees do successfully produce their own company content in addition to their regular duties. However, most companies will choose to hire an outside marketing writer to save time, have content produced consistently, and to yield the most effective marketing results without becoming their own quasi-experts the ins-and-outs of both SEO and public relations. If you’re not ready to take on the expense and you have the time and energy to produce your own content, there are a few things you should know about becoming your own content writer.

Be Good And Be Prepared

First, be a decent writer with respect to the technical and non-technical aspects of the language. This means you feel confident in your knowledge of grammar and your ability to effectively communicate an idea, stay on topic, and make it interesting for your prospects. There are plenty of good guides online to help you get started and get better, but you should have some natural love or interest in writing from the start. Otherwise it’s difficult to force yourself and make the time to sit down and write day after day, week after week. Be prepared to become a good editor and proofreader. It’s not a bad idea to recruit a second or third set of eyes for such purpose.

Writing For Your ReaderV

Second, know your audience. It’s easy to drum up a word count when you’re writing about what you know: your company, your products, issues that concern you, etc. but that isn’t always the same thing your readers and prospects will want to read about. Remember to consider their point of view, issues that concern them and solutions to their problems—which you provide—that will keep them reading and returning to your blog and website for more.

Time To Spare And A Plan Of Attack

Another thing to consider is the time it takes to effectively produce and publish content. This means consistently having topics to discuss and devoting the time to write about them. Be prepared to stay on top the news on a daily basis to develop your own commentary and appear topical, especially when updating your blog and maintaining social media accounts for your company. It’s also a good idea to create a backlog of content, which means writing more often than you’re publishing. These tasks can easily amount to a part time, if not full time job, so time management and a scheduled plan of attack are important to have in place. Consider inviting another qualified member of your staff to produce content for your blog and social media pages just to ensure a consistent flow of content on from multiple authors.

lächelnde frau am computerGive It A Try?

As long as you know your way around the edit and delete option, and, to start, you limit to publishing on your own site and company blog where you can easily control your content, there’s no harm in trying. More often than not, many companies choose to work with a professional content and marketing writer for time saved and overall value, but if you want to try your hand, ask yourself the following?

  • Do I have the technical and non-technical writing skills to produce content that people will want to read on a regular basis?
  • Do I know how to proofread and edit my own work or know someone else who I can rely on to do so?
  • Do I have a good idea of what my customers and prospects want to read about?
  • Do I have the tools and basic know how to publish, update and manage my content?
  • Do I have the time to research as needed, write and publish on a consistent basis, whether it’s every day, one or twice a week, twice a month, etc.?
  • Do I know proper Internet writing etiquette and ethics including how to quote and cite any sources I use?


So how likely are you to go ahead and start becoming your own company content writer?

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